Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shipinar?

Shipinar is an online postage service that helps you to buy postage online. Through Shipinar, you can calculate shipping cost, and get discounted shipping labels. Print labels online, and ask for a pick up service. We also provide tracking service for UPS, USPS, and FedEx.

How do I get started with Shipinar?

At the Homepage, you can start by putting the weight, and zipcodes, and press calculate. You can also go to How To page for the detailed steps on how to get cheap shipping rates.

How can I contact Shipinar Support?

You can find our detailed contact information at Contact Us page.

How do I change my billing information?

First, you need to log-in, and click your name at the top. On the left, you will see a payment option. You will have to add a new card.

Can I only track labels I bought from Shipinar?

Absolutely not. We offer tracking services to all the labels from UPS, USPS, and FedEx to be tracked. Go to Tracking pages. If you log-in, you can save multiple tracking numbers for the future usage.

How do I buy an insurance?

We are working on the Declared Value service from UPS so it can cover any incident happnes during the shipping service. Until this is finished by our tech team, I'm sad to say that we do not offer any insurance service.

What services does Shipinar offer?

There are several things you can do with Shipinar. First, with our shipping calculator, you can compare postages from UPS, USPS, and Fedex. You can purchase discounted postages from UPS, and call for the pick-up service. Even if you have never purchased through Shipinar, you can use our tracking page to track your pacakages with your tracking numbers.

How do I cancel my order?

We do not currently offer cancelling service on the website. If you need to cancel, or ask for the refund, please contact the Shipinar Customer Service by email. Our contact information can also be found at our Contact Us page.