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This quick and easy guideline will show you
how to calculate shipping cost, and to buy postage online
    • 01
    • Pack and Measure
    • Pack your items. You can use a shipping box or a mailing envelope that fits the size of your package. Once complete, weigh your package and measure the dimensions of the items to put into our shipping calculator to get discounted shipping rates. Your first step to discounted shipping is done.
    • 02
    • Calculate and Select
    • Fill in the From and To zip codes and the weight of your package in our shipping calculator. Hit the calculate button. You will be presented with a selection of discounted shipping options. Select your option and fill in the shipping information detail at the bottom of the page. Once complete, click the Update button. If there is a change in the pricing, you will be notified on screen. Click Add to Cart button when done and you will be taken to the Cart page before you can print shipping label online. Compare with UPS rates, USPS rates, and FEDEX rates, and experience our cheap shipping rates. Calculate shipping cost with our shipping calculator.
    • 03
    • Create or Log-In
      to your Shipinar Account
    • In the cart page, you have the option to request for Pick Up. Click this button if you want to request for Pick Up or you can drop off the package at your nearest ship center. To continue shopping on Shipinar, click Continue Shopping or if you would like to pay, click on Check Out. You will be taken to our Login in & Sign Up page. Here, you can sign-up for an account with us. Use your Facebook or Google account or if you prefer, create a new account using your email.
    • 04
    • Select Payment Method
    • Select payment method if you have used Shipinar shipping service before. If this is your first time, simply register your card.
    • 05
    • Print Shipping Label
    • Option 1
      Print shipping label directly from your browser by clicking on the Print Label button.
      Option 2
      Upon purchase, the label gets sent to your email account. Check your email and print the label by downloading the attachments.
      Option 3
      You can send the label to another email account you prefer ( ex. Friend, family, another email account of your own )

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